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Life cycle of Fly Essay

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A fly is an insect and lives in many common area of human community. This insect feeds on human foodstuffs and wastes where they can pick up and transport various disease agents. There are two potential cues that trigger aggregation in the common house fly. The first of these is visual attraction; that is, particular wavelengths of light, or colours, or shape patterns that the flies sense optically and find attractive. The second type of cue is olfactory; chemical attractants that stimulate the flies to move towards them. The fly picks up disease-causing organisms while crawling and feeding. Flies create some of the public health insect problem in human society. Flies create some major diseases such as sleeping sickness, leishmaniasis and typhoid fever in the United States of America (Buchanan and Dura, 2005). Flies go through a complete metamorphosis. Metamorphous is the transformation of an insect from an immature form of larva to an adult from in distinct stage. There are four major stage in flies lifecycle which is eggs, larva, pupa and adult fly (refer to Figure 1 in appendix 1).
The first stage is the egg. This stage is where the adult female fly will lay eggs. Adult female flies will fly and lay eggs wherever a suitable place to breed with their cognition. Adult Females produce hundreds of small eggs and are usually included in most organic material such as compost and trash. Fly lay eggs individually and usually will be in a small group . The number of eggs produced is dependent on the size of the female flies. A female fly can lay up to 500 eggs in several groups and each group has a 75-150 eggs. The maturity of the eggs are in the next three to four days. Egg white flies flying egg is about 1.2 mm long. Normally, the e...

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... especially sugar. Access to animal manure does not lengthen adult life and they live longer at cooler temperatures. Adult Fly require food before they will copulate, and copulation is completed in as few as two minutes or as long as 15 minutes. Oviposition commences four to 20 days after copulation. Female flies need access to suitable food (protein) to allow them to produce eggs, and manure alone is not adequate. Due to this, the adult fly continues their lifecycle from beginning to ultimate of its life span.

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