Life At Its Finest And Purity Essay

Life At Its Finest And Purity Essay

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Waking up to a new day. As I rise from my bed I look off into the distance of my bedroom. The bedroom of my house, my very own property. I sit up from my bed, and start contemplating whether or not this is all a dream. But no, this is reality. My reality. I thank you lord for another day it is still very surreal where I am in my life now. 30 years old, living in a 3 story house with two beautiful girls, twins as a matter of fact. A gorgeous view of the world around us, looking out the windows of this gigantic house you can see nothing but beauty. Life at its finest and purity. I always keep a bible and a cross by my bedside and never forget where I came from. The real me, is me. That will never change. Nor will it ever impact me as a father to my beloved children.
"It 's time to wake these little troublemakers up" I whispered half smiling. I went over to my closet and got change. As I went and open the bedroom door, I then stop completely midway at the door. I take one good glance back and proceeded my way out the door and into the hallway. The girl 's room is right down the hall from my bedroom. I walk down the hall and open the girl 's bedroom door slowly and silently, so I wouldn 't startle the girls if they were still asleep. I see both of them sound asleep. Makes me feel guilty to wake them up from their peace and wonderful dream worlds. But, I had to wake them up and get them all neat and tidy for school. "Education is important." My mother always said. I take a good look at them both and realize how bless I am to have two beautiful little girls. Because they both love having their beds close by each other. I fortunately was able to walk into the middle of both beds and furthered my gaze upon my angels. I ran m...

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...e family went through. I never wanted them to know their mother just up and disappear on them. I took a deep breath and was about ready to tell them the whole truth. They already knew too much. But right before I could speak, I became suddenly unspoken-less. They gave me this look, not a look of sadness, more like a look of pride and honor. They both huddle close to me and gave me a hug. The words that came from their mouths next. I 'll never forget them.
"Dad, you’re the greatest to us and we don’t need a mom as long as we have you." My daughters said.
"I love you both of you."
"We love you too."
I never expected 10 years ago I was going to go through hell and back in order to find peace, love, and mindfulness. But, If I could go back and change one thing from the past. You want to know what it would be? Nothing. Because, it was already written.

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