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Life as a Student Athlete Essay

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Being in an American school begins a student’s search to find who they are considered in the system. From a nerd to a punk, many academic ties are also involved with this identity. The one group of students who get the most academic ties with his or her extra-curricular activity is the “jock”. As having the title as a jock, a child learns that many people look at someone who plays football or basketball doesn’t have the ability to learn as fast or as well as someone who just studies and doesn’t have extra-curricular activities. Studying this topic is not as stressed as it should be, even when many programs claim to get more physical activity in students. The articles that have been reviewed were testing whether the athlete gets good grades while playing the sport, or how they view themselves or how they would like to be remembered in their high school.
The first articles determined whether or not if athletics affects students and student athletes in different ways. It’s tied to this subtopic because the researchers address small children which may best show the best results on young developing brains. The problem in the study is that children tend to not get as much exercise that they should be getting due to television and video games and determining whether physical education helps or helps struggle students in grades will put pressure on schools to add or take away a student’s physical education. The way it was carried out was a simple asking of the kindergartens class teachers how much each student had physical education during their recess time. After the physical activity, each student was administered a reading and a mathematics test. The results in the experiment showed that only girls had a slight increase in grades wit...

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