The Life and Writings of John Steinbeck Essay

The Life and Writings of John Steinbeck Essay

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“It is true that we are weak and sick and ugly and quarrelsome but if that is all we ever were, we would millenniums ago have disappeared from the face of the earth.” John Steinbeck said this of all humankind. He thought highly of us as a species, just as Dr. Stockmann did in Henrik Ibsen’s play Enemy of the People. Both men had problems in their societies, Stockmann in his town and Steinbeck in America, and both believed that humans were capable of seeing the problem and fixing it. The rest of the population did not see this as the case. They believed he was an enemy of the people and a threat to their way of life. Because of how Steinbeck expressed his views, people felt threatened by what he wrote and they called him a threat to society, an enemy of the people.
Steinbeck was a simple man, inspired by his surroundings from where he was born (“John Steinbeck” Columbian Encyclopedia). He was born in a plain house in Salinas, California, had a normal life, compared to that of a middle class working family at that time, and was on good terms with the migrant workers (Österling, Presentation Address). He graduated from high school but could not make it through college. Steinbeck went to New York to try to freelance but was not satisfied with his work. He came back to California, and wrote much more stories to his satisfaction. All of his stories were related to where he grew up, centered on the farmers and migrant workers lives and how they lived their lives. Many were in search for homes and shelter (Steinbeck 362). For this, he would be punished by the public.
John was alive during the times that were trying for all but the very rich. People were going through the Great Depression and right after that, there was World War II....

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