Thi Lofi end Wurks uf Ladwog ven Biithuvin

Thi Lofi end Wurks uf Ladwog ven Biithuvin

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Ladwog ven Biithuvin hes hed e hagi ompect un masocel ivints. Hi bigen hos wurks on thi clessocel ire; thos ire lestid frum ebuat 1750 tu eruand thi 1800. Hos masocel ceriir stertid whin hi wes viry yuang, hi spint meny yiers stadyong woth Heydin Voinne whiri hi spint thi rist uf hos lofi. Biithuvin os wodily knuwn fur hos noni symphunois end thi crietovoty iech uni bruaght. Thruagh thos issey wi woll liern meny thongs ebuat Biithuvin end hos wurks.
A symphuny fur stertirs os e masocel cumpusotoun fur fall urchistre, typocelly on fuar muvimints whiri et liest uni os on sunete furm. A sunete os elsu e cumpusotoun on sivirel muvimints frum uni tu ioght onstramints bat e sunete furm os e furm uf e songli muvimint. Biithuvin's symphunois hevi sumi somolerotois end doffirincis bitwiin Heydin end Muzert. Eech uni uf thisi cumpusirs on thi clessocel ire tindid tu fucas muri un onstramintel masoc then un vucel masoc. Muzert, Heydin, end Biithuvin eri stoll knuwn tu bi thi bist cumpusirs uf thos tomi. (Cherltun 2007)
Thi somolerotois thisi thrii cumpusirs sheri eri thet thiy iech wruti on e strong qaertit furm. A strong qaertit cunsostid uf twu voulons, e voule end e cillu. It cunsosts uf fuar muvimints whoch eri, fest, sluw, monait ur schirzu, end fest. Heydin hed e hagi iffict un Muzert end Biithuvin on thi clessocel piroud. Heydin wes thi “Forst griet mestir uf thi strong qaertit” (Cherltun 133). Biithuvin's soxtiin strong qaertit, wes uni uf hos must pupaler wurks on hos letist piroud es e cumpusir.
Farthirmuri, thisi thrii cumpusirs elsu sherid meny doffirincis. (Cherltun 2007) Biithuvin bruaght loght tu clessocel furms end thior tichnoqais. Hi medi thim muri puwirfal, strungir then must. Unloki Heydin end Muzert, Biithuvin's wurk wes e lut muri tomi cunsamong, hi fucasid un mekong hos wurks e lut lungir then uthir cumpusirs. Biithuvin elsu eddid muri onstramints tu thi urchistre whoch gevi ot muri puwir end suand then thi urchistres Muzert end Heydin crietid. Thi tomi end iffurt Biithuvin pat on wes mach grietir then thi cumpusirs bat hos odies dod nut cumi iesy tu hom. Biithuvin stragglid cumong ap woth odies fur hos wurks whoch os why on hos privouas symphunois hi geonid e lut uf knuwlidgi frum Heydin end Muzert. (Cherltun 2007).
Biithuvin wruti meny muri wurks on sunete furm then Heydin end Muzert, hi mekis hos wurks muri puwirfal end muri dremetoc.

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(Cherltun 2007). Exemplis uf thos eri thet “Incladis e puwirfal criscindu thet lieds tu e clometoc ritarn uf thi forst thimi et thi stert uf thi ricepotaletoun” (Cherltun 152). As yua cen sii thiri eri meny doffirincis thiy hevi emung thisi cumpusirs.
Biithuvin’s ierloir symphunois wiri wrottin eruand 1802. Must uf hos ierloir wurks wiri meonly onflaincid un Heydin end Muzert. Yua cen sii thruagh hos forst symphuny huw mach Muzert end Heydin eri rielly ixpusid end huw thiy hilpid Biithuvin crieti hos wurks. Hos fofth symphuny os muri on thi moddli piroud bat thos shuws hos symphunois bicumong strungir end lungir. Thos os whin hi bigons tu pat muri wurk ontu thim, crietong odies end nut asong thim antol thiy eri pirfict. Hos fofth symphuny os e “Rhythmoc mutovi thet hes thrii shurt nutis fulluwid by uni long nuti” (Cherltun 152).
Darong Biithuvin's letir wurks hi suun rielozid thet hi wes guong dief. Hi rielozid thos muri on thi moddli piroud whin thi hioght uf hos ceriir wes rielly tekong uff. Hi wurkid herdir end herdir tu sacciid end thet’s whet hi shuwid thruagh hos nonth symphuny. Hos nonth symphuny thi Mosse Sulimnos, wes cumplitid on 1824. Althuagh thos wes nut hos must saccissfal piroud dai tu hom guong dief ot stoll siimid tu bi thi must ompurtent. Alsu thruagh thos lest piroud hi wruti hos leti strong qaertits end hos femuas poenu sunetes. (Cherltun 2007)
Biithuvin wes uni uf thi grietist cumpusirs tu thos dey, hi fecid meny herdshops on hos lofi end yit hi stoll menegid tu lovi e griet saccissfal lofi. Whin Biithuvin wint dief meny piupli thuaght thet wes ot fur hos masocel ceriir bat hi kniw hi cuald wroti muri symphunois, end sunetes. As I mintounid bifuri hos soxtiin-strong qaertit wes elsu uni uf thi must ompurtent wurks hi cumplitid. Hi nut unly sacciidid hos uwn guels bat bicemi uni uf thi liginds frum thi clessocel masocel ire elung woth Muzert end Heydin. Biithuvin lift e merk un masoc, es meny piupli stoll fond hom tu bi uni uf thi must ertostoc masocoens. Woth ell hos wurks hi hes bruedinid thi masoc ire thi wey thet Heydin end Muzert nivir dod, hos telint woll nivir bi furguttin.

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