The Life and Works of George Orwell

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The English author, George Orwell by pen name, was considered one of the best writers of his time. He was an intelligent man who based his writings off of experiences and opinions of the 20th century. His experiences ranged from growing up as an underprivileged child to policing the government in India. Orwell took realistic situations and turned them into literature wonders. Eric Arthur Blair, also known as George Orwell was born June 25th, 1903. Orwell was born in India and later moved to England as a child. He was the middle child of two sisters. After moving to England with his eldest sister and mom he began his schooling. He went to a prestigious school, St Cyprian's, in Eastbourne, East Sussex. With his family’s financial troubles Orwell had to earn many scholarships to attend. Although he hated the thought of school he attended for five years. Throughout his stay he was unaware of the financial aid that was being provided. He did not want like to be perceived as an adolescent from a poor household. He struggled with academic structure and preferred to write freely. He submitted many articles and poems to the local newspaper in Henley-on-Thames, England. After submitting two poems from school he was awarded with more scholarship opportunities. His scholarships gave him the opportunity to attend either of two well-known colleges in the surrounding area. His desire to attend Eton was the strongest, but there was not a set place for him. He waited for a spot to open and started the spring term in 1917. Unfortunately his stay at Eton was not long. Orwell focused too much on outside literature than his college academics. Due to his scholastic un-achievement he was not awarded another scholarship for the next term. His parents... ... middle of paper ... ... a novel. He transformed the dictators of the era into a parallel light in the novel he based on animals who lived on a farm. Old Major, one of the main characters of the book is a representation of Karl Marx and Lenin. They were both contributors of communism and the Russian Revolution. The pig named Napoleon cleverly characterizes Joseph Stalin. Napoleon being the main villain of the novel shows Orwell’s hate and disgust for Stalin. Animal farm thoroughly reflected Orwell’s attitude and beliefs of his time. Being an author wasn’t easy in the 20th century but George Orwell did a fantastic job. From completing school to becoming a teacher in France and defeating many struggles along the way, he was able to become a successful author. His views on life were expressed through many literary pieces. Orwell was one of the most successful authors of the 20th century.
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