Essay about The Life and Work of Widely-Read English Novelist, Jane Austen

Essay about The Life and Work of Widely-Read English Novelist, Jane Austen

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Jane Austen was a widely read English novelist, whose works of many romantic novels such as “Pride and Prejudice” or “Emma”, earned her a place as one of the most well-known writers in English literature. (The Biography of Jane Austen) Jane Austen was well-known for personifying the woman characters in her books as headstrong and stubborn that faced all different kinds of circumstances and backgrounds, but wanted one thing, true love. (Jane Austen Biography Page 2) Also, her realistic thoughts and aggressive comments on socialism has given her a historical importance among many people to this day. (The Biography of Jane Austen.)
One of seven siblings, Jane Austen came into this world on December 16, 1775, in Steventon, England to her parents, Reverend George and Cassandra Austen. (Jane Austen Biography Page 1) As Jane grew, she was sent to boarding school for a while but later homeschooled by her father due to an illness. Later on, she went back to boarding school. Jane grew up in an environment that emphasized learning and creative thinking. She was encouraged to read from her father's large-scale library. (Jane Austen) Jane became inspired by the world of stories and she began to write in notebooks. In the 1790s, when she was reaching adulthood, she began to create her own novels and write one of her first books, “Love and Friendship”, which was her, mocking a series of love letters. Using that structure of writing, she revealed her humor and hate of a romantic frenzy, a unique point of view that would eventually portray much of her later writing. (Jane Austen)
Jane spent much of her adulthood helping out with her family, learning piano, going to church, and chatting with neighbors. (Jane Austen) Jane never married, which ...

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... list of "100 Most Famous Britons of All Time." In the 1920s, scholars started to acknowledge her novels as works of arts, increased her popularity. Jane Austen even had her own fan club known as Janeites. A fews of her works are also seen in the many movies and TV versions of “Emma”, “Mansfield Park”, “Pride and Prejudice”, and “Sense and Sensibility.” ("The Biography of Jane Austen.")
Jane Austen is one of the best English writer and novelist to me. She wrote her novels and works as anonymous, not wanting people to know who wrote her masterpieces. After she died, I am glad her brother, Henry revealed it was Jane, who wrote these amazing works, after she died. She deserves tons of recognition. Her stories have opened my eyes to see that it doesn’t always end with happily ever after, it could end with a strong woman accomplishing many things without true love.

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