Life and Work of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

Life and Work of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist from the 1950’s to 1968 with a strong religious background. A strong advocator for all minorities, King did all in his power to end barriers of community; poverty, racism and militarism. The principle he focused more on, however, was racism. King defined racism as prejudice, apartheid, ethnic conflict, anti-Semitism, sexism, colonialism, homophobia, ageism, or discrimination against disabled groups and stereotypes. Later turning his efforts to poverty, King believed that the United States should have equal rights for all men, women and children. Martin Luther King Jr. had a strong philosophy of non-violent protests, called civil disobedience, to which he gained supporters, changing the jurisdictions of racism and poverty to create the American Dream for all.
Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, to Michael King Sr. and Alberta Williams King. Born as Michael King Jr., King lived in Atlanta, Georgia. However, in honor of minister and civil-rights activist Martin Luther Baptist, his parents gave him the name Martin. In 1931, King’s father became the lead pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church, a very successful minister as his father and grandfather had been. A very intelligent man, King skipped ninth and eleventh grades, graduating Book T. Washington High School at the age of fifteen. Dealing with segregation at a young age, King believed in the goodness of man and the great potential of American democracy.
After graduating high school, King went on to study theology at Morehouse College, a distinguished Negro institution in Atlanta, where his father had attended. There, he received his Bachelor of Arts and was ordained during his final semester. Howev...

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