Essay on The Life and Work of John Calvin and Galileo Galilei

Essay on The Life and Work of John Calvin and Galileo Galilei

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John Calvin was born July 10th, 1509, in Noyon, Picardy. He was raised up in a staunch Roman Catholic family. Early in his life, Calvin’s father was employed by the local bishop as an administrator at the town’s cathedral. With this newly acquired job, John Calvin’s father wanted Calvin to be a priest. Due to the fact that his family had close ties with the bishop and his noble family, Calvin’s classmates in Noyon were aristocratic and culturally influential in his childhood.
At the age of fourteen, Calvin set off for Paris to study at the College de Marche. This helped him prepare for university study. At the College de Marche, he studied seven subjects: grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. Towards the end of 1523, Calvin left College de Marche, and headed for the more well-known College Montaigu. While in Paris, he changed his name to the Latin form, Ioannis Calvinus, which in French, became Jean Calvin. During this period of his life, Calvin’s education thrived. It was fully paid for by income from several small parishes. Although new theological teachings of people such as Luther and Jacques Lefevre d’Etaples were spreading throughout Paris, Calvin was still a member of the Roman Catholic Church. However, by 1527, Calvin had made friends who were reform-minded. These new friends had impact on his switch over to the Reformed faith. Also, Calvin’s father requested that Calvin study law rather than theology.
By 1528, Calvin moved to Orleans. There, is where he would study civil law. During the next few years, Calvin would study in various places and under different teachers, as he developed a humanist education. In 1532, he finished his law studies and also got around to publishing his very ...

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...magnification up to eight or nine.
Over the next three years, Galileo made many new observations about the solar system. In 1618, he became involved with the controversy of comets. Galileo stated that comets were close to Earth, and were caused by optical refraction. Despite the support of Copernicanism, Galileo tried to avoid making public announcements. However, Galileo chose to support the heliocentric theory. This got him into trouble with the Roman Catholic Church.
In 1633, the Inquisition convicted him of heresy and forced him to recant his support of Copernicus. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but was then later changed to house arrest.
However, at the age of seventy-two, Galileo became blind. This was because he used his telescope to look at the sun so often. Several years later, on January 8th, 1642, Galileo died at the age of seventy-seven.

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