The Life And Kingdom Of Jesus Essay

The Life And Kingdom Of Jesus Essay

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In John Eudes, The Life and Kingdom of Jesus in Christian Souls pages 293 through 314 we learn about the the Christian life being the continuation of the most Holy Life which Jesus lived on earth. We learn about the foundations of the Christian Life that guide the Christians and lastly the important of detachment from the world and oneself and the importance of prayer.
In chapter one, we start with learning that Christian life must be the continuation of the most Holy Life which Jesus lived on earth. The author first starts this chapter with describing Jesus and our union with him. Jesus isn’t just the Son of God, Son of man, the King of angels and humanity, or our God, our savior and our sovereign but he is also our head and we are members of his body (pg 293). In this way we are intimately connected to God with the union of our head. “We are united with him spiritually by faith and by the grace he gave us in holy baptism” (pg 293). And through the holy Eucharist we are united with God bodily with his sacred body. And as a result of this the author believes that just as the bodily members are animated by the head and live its life, that in the same way since Jesus is our head we should be animated by the spirit of Jesus and continue the life he lived and walk in his ways. In all the author is trying to say that we need to continue the works of Jesus by bringing to “fulfillment the life, religion and devotion with which he lived on earth” (pg 294).
This is all supported in several places of the sacred words of God. In the gospel the author points out an excerpt which states that Jesus is life and he has come to earth to make sure we get that opportunity to life. Jesus is in the Father, living out the life of the Fat...

... middle of paper ...

...been able to come and do its duty. “For it is essential to be detached from all things, no matter how holy or divine, so that we might be animated by the Spirit of Jesus, which is the Spirit of Christianity.” (pg 310). The last foundation of the Christian life and holiness is prayer. It is known as one of the chief foundations because Jesus Christ was nothing but a continuous prayer. Prayer is a way to know and love God. By ourselves we are nothing. We possess only poverty and nothingness. This is why we have a very great need to turn to God at every moment through prayer in order to obtain and receive from him all that we lack. (pg 313). Prayer is the most respectful and loving thing that elevates us to God. It is one way that a Christian soul can communicate with God. Lastly the author describes prayer is the most worthiest, noble and most important activity.

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