Essay on The Life and Death of Cleopatra

Essay on The Life and Death of Cleopatra

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The Life and Death of Cleopatra
Everyone wonders how Cleopatra gained control of Egypt and what she did while she reigned. Cleopatra ruled during the Ptolemaic Dynasty (BBC). The Ptolemaic rule ended with the death of this impressive woman. In Cleopatra’s lifetime she inherited the throne of Egypt; fell in love with two influential Romans, just to kill herself to escape punishment by Octavian.
Cleopatra’s father, King Auteles’, also known as Ptolemy XII or “The Piper” because he could play the flute. Cleopatra’s mother continues to be a mystery. They think she’s Auletes’ sister Cleopatra V Tryphaina (Nardo). They’re more Greek rather than Egyptian ancestry. While Auletes’ still in power he made the silver coin value one third lower than its original worth. This imposed unfair new taxes. Rebellion soon started by the time Cleopatra turned 10. Auletes’ in his attempt to strengthen his position asked the ruler of Rome, Julius Caesar, to declare Egypt an ally.
With this lofty title he thought it would make people fear him more. Caesar agreed but he demanded large amounts of bribes. After he agreed to give Caesar the money, Egypt’s finances got worse, making himself even more unpopular with his people (Nardo). In Auletes’ attempt to try and fix his problem, he went to Rome to seek more help from Caesar. At this time, his throne became the focus to his first born daughter.
Cleopatra Tryphaina, the King’s first born seized the Egyptian throne. A few followers of the King back in Egypt, killed the usurper (Nardo). King Auletes’ other daughter, Berenice, seized the throne next. To get the throne back required a large price for a Roman nobleman to seize it. By the time Auletes’ gained power again, he died, leaving the t...

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...t what she wanted. She always made the most of what she had (“Queen Cleopatra VII-Last Pharaoh of Egypt”). Cleopatra was a born leader and very ambitious. Greek historian Dio Cassius wrote: “Through her own unaided genius she captivated the two greatest Romans of her time, and because of the third, she destroyed herself” (Nardo).

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