The Life and Contributions of Dr. Edgar F. Codd Essay

The Life and Contributions of Dr. Edgar F. Codd Essay

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Dr. Edgar F. Codd

Dr. Edgar F. Codd was best known for creating the “relational” model for representing data that led to today’s database industry ("Edgar F. Codd") (Edgar F. Codd). He received many awards for his contributions and he is one of the many reasons that we have some of the technologies today. As we dig deeper into his life in this research paper, we will find that Dr. Edgar F. Codd was in fact, a self-motivated genius.
Dr. Edgar F. Codd started his monumental life on the south coast of England on August 19, 1923 (Date). His education consisted of attending the Poole Grammar School in Dorset, United Kingdom and Oxford University. He received a full scholarship to Oxford and initially started studying chemistry in 1941-1942. After a while, Codd interrupted his studies to volunteer for active duty even though he was offered deferment. He advanced to the position of lieutenant of the Royal Air Force Coastal Command until the war ended. After the war ended, he returned to his studies at Oxford, changing his major to mathematics. He ultimately received his mathematics degree in 1948.
During this period, Codd realized how much the United States had to offer an individual like himself (Date). As a part of his Royal Air Force service, he was stationed in the United States for a brief period for aviation training. This was when Codd found his love for recreational flying. Realizing the vast amount of opportunities in the US, he finally immigrated to the US in 1948. He was able to find a position of employment at Macy's in New York City, where he worked as a sales clerk for men's sportswear. After about six months, his computing career took off. He started by joining IBM in New York City as a programming mathem...

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...IBM's action.
Evidently to support himself, he went into business with fellow colleagues (Date). They created two companies - The Relational Institute and Codd & Date Consulting Group. These companies specialized in all aspects of relational database management, design and evaluation. Codd got to see the database industry grow and eventually amount to the worth of tens of billions of dollars a year.
As Codd neared the end of his life, he was investigating the possibility of applying his ideas to the problem of general business automation (Date). Eventually, Codd's life came to an end on April 18, 2003. He died in his home in Williams Island, Florida (Hafner). As a result of his lifetime of investigation, Dr. Edgar. F Codd earned his place as one of the distinguished individuals who has influenced the technology of today.

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