Life And Being Alive : The Journey Of A Beautiful Flower

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Imagine living a life without any adventure or adversity; a life with no struggle a life with no challenges. It wouldn’t be much of a life at all or even a life worth living. Being alive isn’t about just breathing and being conscious rather its is about struggle and using that struggle to create value and to create a purpose in our life. Being alive and having a life is too precious and too valuable to be wasted. We don’t have time to hate ourselves or regret our mistakes because hate is just a waste of emotion and regrets only deepen the wounds. To be alive is to be at peace with yourself and with others, it 's about not being afraid of what 's to come next and embracing your faults and mistakes. Life and being alive is like the journey of a beautiful lovely flower, once that flower is planted it begins to grow and continues to grow but the journey of the flower blossoming isn’t easy, the flower is constantly dealing with people stepping on it, and animals feeding off of it. Some days the flower is left in the dark cold shade without a single ray of light to hope for, and other days the sun shines with its bright rays directly at the flower. The journey of the flower is tough but as the journey continues the flower will one day blossom and become something beautiful. Being alive is not worrying about what others think of your life or giving up on what you believe in because others don 't believe in you. The struggle, trials, and tribulation you deal with in your life is what makes you alive. My uncle always told me that life isn’t about having financial freedom, partying hard, or having a lot of friends, it 's about caring for others that care for you, and not only living for yourself but for the ones that made it possi... ... middle of paper ... ...with my definition of being alive, it would be wrong to judge a man who made his decisions based on how he believed what being alive is. With that said we can assume that what McCandless was trying to do was to find himself, but “life is not about finding yourself. It 's about creating yourself.” If McCandless were to embrace what he had and coped with what he felt was pointless, he wouldn’t have had to leave it all behind rather he could have used it to create his life purpose. So in the end, living is not about how long we live our lives, because “we don 't remember days we remember moments” or how much struggle we go through because in the end struggle is only an advantage or even what we accomplish. To be alive is simple it 's about living a happy life. “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it 's all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
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