The Life Altering Disease Of Multiple Sclerosis Essay

The Life Altering Disease Of Multiple Sclerosis Essay

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The Life Altering Disease of Multiple Sclerosis
Imagine going to the Ophthalmologist for a little bit of blurry vision, and finding out that simple tasks that are often taken for granted would soon become unattainable. Walking, talking, pointing a finger, and even adapting to temperature are what some consider simple. With this devastating disease the possibility of doing those tasks can eventually diminish due to Multiple Sclerosis.
Multiple Sclerosis is a prolonged, chronic disease of the Central Nervous System. This disease attacks myelinated axons, and oligodendrocytes, and turns into an inflammatory disease of the brain and spinal cord (Luzzio, 2015). Nerve impulses are picked up via sensory afferent neurons. In order for those nerves to send and receive impulses they need to have three working parts. The dendrites receive information from other neurons, the cell body is the neurons functioning zone, and the axon, is a fiber that carries out impulses. (Staff, 2010)
Normally a person’s body produces antibodies to fight against infections and anything foreign that could harm to the body (Staff, 2010). In a person with Multiple Sclerosis, their body inhibits an immune response to attack the myelin sheath of the axon and the myelin producing cells (Staff, 2010). Myelin is like insulation to an extension cord. In order for the power to get from the source to the plugin, it has to be insulated to control the electricity. An action potential works the same way, it has to be insulated with a myelin sheath to make sure the nerve impulse can be carried out effectively (Staff, 2010). When the immune response happens, it attacks and deteriorates the myelin sheath and then proper nerve impulses and reactions cannot b...

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...ther common medication used to block receptors to keep them from attacking the brain and spinal cord (MSF, 2009). The list of medications goes on, and can be used specifically to treat and subside symptoms. Medications and treatments only make the debilitating process slow down and some symptoms decrease.
Walking, talking, pointing a finger, and even adapting to temperature are what some consider simple tasks. With a severe autoimmune disease like Multiple Sclerosis, these little daily activities can be taken for granted and extremely missed when they are no longer attainable. The average person in the United States has a 1 in 750 chance of developing Multiple Sclerosis (NMSS, 2014). Research has demonstrated that this disease is currently unable to be cured, but there are a significant amount of researchers searching for a cure and treatments every day.

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