Lies In Society: Pitbull Terrier Essay

Lies In Society: Pitbull Terrier Essay

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Animals become dangerous because they were maltreated by their owners and when the media has exaggerated the danger of its breed to the public. A very good example of lies in society is the concept of the people on the breed of Pit bull Terriers.
Currently, pit bulls have been reported by the media with very horrific and disturbing news of having attacked a child or being shot by a police due to aggression while some are reported to have been abused or neglected by its owners (Forderer and Unkelbach 534). And because the reports keep coming with heated discussions, more and more people have forged a frightening image of pit bulls even to the extreme of refusing to take care of such breed. Pit bull advocates claim that the dogs get a bad reputation considering that people should learn the dogs are not inherently aggressive. What the pit bull advocates would like to point is that the owners of the pit bulls should be considered guilty for mishandling of their own dogs. There are owners of pit bulls that even encourage the dog to be aggressive in order to fight and protect them in a wrong manner and wrong degree of training (Forderer and Unkelbach 536). Pit bull advocates claimed that a well socialized and well trained pit bull would be very intelligent and could be one of the gentle dogs imaginable.
Thesis Statement: Pit bulls are like any breed of dogs that needs to be handled properly by their owners because they can be taught to be less aggressive and more loyal.
II. The Breed
The American Pit Bull is considered as a genuine breed because there are various breeds of pit bull that could have been mixed with other dogs. Pit bulls were raised for baiting larger animals during the hunting seasons. With the faithfulness of t...

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...e of their loyalty to their owners and how they did well with their job (Foster 54). During the World War I, pit bulls were asked to warn soldiers of gas attacks, found wounded men and even listened and warned soldiers of artillery rounds. Even in movies and advertisements, pit bulls were also famous in the campaigns of Levis, Buster Brown Shoes and even Wells Fargo. And even during the World War II. President Theodore Roosevelt kept a pit bull. During the World Trade Center incident of 9/11, pit bulls were asked to look for survivors.

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