Essay on Lies and Politics

Essay on Lies and Politics

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Haven’t we all told a lie? Lies are so common that people have put them into categories; white lies are simple lies that don’t hurt, or hard lies; lies that are highly hated and can destroy someone. Everyone has also been accused of lying even our president (president Obama). He was accused of not being an American citizen. Of cause he was and that issue was settled, but the issue brought up more questions. Do lies exist in politics, and if they do, are they legal?
In the article “Lies and Politics” the author’s show what happens in politics when it patens to lies. The article starts out with our current president’s first struggle when some people said he was a liar, and he wasn’t born in the states. It says
“Does President Barack Obama hold the nation's highest office illegally because he lied about being born on U.S. soil? That's what some of his critics have been saying.
But those critics are themselves lying, Obama's defenders charge. They simply want to bring down the president because of his race, his backers claim.
Is this “the big lie [Obama's opponents] dare not to admit?” MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews asked last year. “They know full well he's an American. They're simply out to destroy him personally. Yes, assassinate him with their lies.”
What this is trying to say is that clearly the president is a citizen but to some they just didn’t want to believe it. Also it depends on your point of view to agree if he was lying or not. That brings another subject up. How can a person define lying? For example, one person might think something isn’t true because they never learned about it while another will look at that same subject and know it is a fact. Does that mean that the person that didn’t learn about the subject was...

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...r example, if a person doesn't have television and only uses the newspapers to get there information, they can read ads for a coming up election and there judgment on a candidate can be made through the ads they see. If the ads aren’t accurate or true, then they will feel misled if that candidate is put into power. Even though speech and writing is a freedom, people especially political, shouldn’t misuse it.
In conclusion, lying in politics is hard to define because it has to do with point of view and exposure to correct information. Politicians should try to be as truthful as possible to make our society run better and that will make people have more trust in our government. Subjects when it comes to polities should be researched and understood before a citizen votes for or against it. This will help dilute the false information if given by a politician or media.

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