Essay about Licensed Parents : Child Abuse, Neglect And Abandonment

Essay about Licensed Parents : Child Abuse, Neglect And Abandonment

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Licensed Parents
Our society normally regulates a certain range of activities; it is illegal to perform these activities unless one has received prior permission, has met all requirements and licensure in order to do so. We require automobile operator 's, wild game hunters, and concealed carriers to acquire licenses after hours of classes. We forbid people from practicing medicine, law, pharmacy, or psychiatry unless they have satisfied certain licensing requirements. Today, we see an astronomical rise in child abuse, neglect and abandonment. In 2013, The National Children’s Alliance reported that of the children who experienced maltreatment or abuse, nearly 80% suffered neglect; 18% suffered physical abuse; and 9% suffered sexual abuse. The NCA also reported that just under 80% of reported child fatalities as a result of abuse and neglect were caused by one or more of the child victim’s parents. These horrifying statistics demonstrate that action must be taken to prevent further innocent bloodshed. It is my contention that in order to prevent these statistics from increasing further, soon to be parents should acquire a license displaying that they are qualified physically, financially and emotionally capable of raising a child.
Society 's decision to regulate just these activities is not ad hoc. The decision to restrict admission to certain vocations and to forbid some people from driving is based on an eminently plausible, though not often explicitly formulated, rationale. We require drivers to be licensed because driving a vehicle is an activity which is potentially harmful to others; safe performance of the activity requires a certain competence, and we have a moderately reliable procedure for determining that competence. The...

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...ave identified the standard criteria of activities which should be regulated; deny that parenting satisfies the standard criteria; to demonstrate that even though parenting satisfies the standard criteria, there are special reasons why licensing parents is not theoretically desirable; or to show that there is no reliable and just procedure for implementing this program.
While developing my argument for licensing, I have already identified the standard criteria for activities that should be regulated, and I have shown that they can properly be applied to parenting. One could deny the legitimacy of regulation by licensing, but in doing so one would condemn not only the regulation of parenting, but also the regulation of drivers, physicians, pharmacists, and doctors. Furthermore, regulation of hazardous activities appears to be a fundamental task of any stable society.

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