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Libyan revolution or the Libyan Civil War was the armed conflict in Libya between those, who supported Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and those, who were against him. The conflicts, especially between people and the government were always one of the major topics of political discussions. However, not all of them can be described as “the cornerstone of changes”. I consider the Libyan revolution to be the one, which resulted in political changes of this country. The revolution was very radical action, but a natural result of the violence and killing of innocent of people, which was at that time a natural thing for the Muammar Gaddafi. “No Libyan should adopt the practices of a tyrant that Libya suffered for decades under his autocratic rule. Human rights groups have released reports about brutal atrocities taking place in ex-rebel-run prisons. Under whatever circumstances, there is no justification for intimidating, torturing and killing anybody (Kreiba, 2012). I totally agree with Hussain Abdulrazzaq Kreiba, and consider the civil war to be a horrible torture, which was necessary to get rid of the cruel regime in Libya. The revolution was caused directly by the improper treatment of people by Muammar Gaddafi, people’s will to change their country, the impact of the human rights being pressed in Libya, and indirectly because of the fact that their country was in a deep economical crisis, despite of their large reserves of oil and natural gas.
The major, direct and the most important reason of the Libyan revolution was the improper treatment of people by Muammar Gaddafi. “Most nations were once sympathetic with the Libyan revolution with the international media focusing on the crisis in Libya. Regional and international organizations also ...

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...urse, now the country will need a lot of time to reach the normal level of economy, and to eliminate the consequences of revolution, but the main step was made and the country is free nowadays. People of Libya can be proud of themselves, and the European countries, including USA are doing everything, they can in order to help Libya to rehabilitate their county. And I believe, that the people, who overcame such a horrible times, will definitely be able to lead their country to prosperity.

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