Library Programs For Children And Children Essay

Library Programs For Children And Children Essay

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Library programs play a fundamental role in engaging and encouraging participants to read. In particular, library programs for children often have a fundamental impact on their literacy skills and education. Library programs for children consists of maintaining an orderly environment, promoting and providing various book resources, and making the use of the Internet and other electronic tools accessible.
This paper is intended to compare two different children library programs with my research on what a proper library program for children should consist of. The sources will include both the Faulk Central Library and the Carver Branch Library along with three book sources. This paper will present the research conducted on library programs for children, two brief summaries of my visits to the two different libraries, and a conclusion.
Through my research conducted on library programs for children, there are often several basic characteristics that are present within most of the programs. Typically, a standard library program for children should consist of a library staff, a library consultant, book collections, a vision statement, and an adequate amount of space within the library’s section (Lushington, 2008). For an exemplary children library program, additional characteristics must be present. A healthy library program is one that provides clear organization, promotes freedom, and encourages initiative to read (Higgins, 2007). Outreach activities are also necessary in order to approach those who might feel excluded from participating (Graham, 2002). Librarians should also have the adequate knowledge to answer most questions and help children develop a taste for reading (Graham, 2002). It should also be the ...

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... scope of education amongst the youth. In the future, it is likely that library programs might make the switch to a digital form. Though activities such as story time and craft time will probably still be in place, books will be encouraged to be read on either a tablet or a computer as more value is being placed on e-books and audiobooks. Additionally, incentives might be given through a digital format such as a free e-book or a movie to stream.
As for improvements that can be made to children’s library programs, integrating more diversity and bilingual books is a good place to start. Also, offering computer or media classes to children helps encourage the digital movement so that children without direct access to a computer at home will not stay behind. By expanding library programs for children, more knowledge will be attained and spread amongst the community.

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