Liberty For Slavery : The Breakage Of Chains Essay

Liberty For Slavery : The Breakage Of Chains Essay

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The Breakage of chains
Slavery has been a great phenomenon in the history of United States. It is a characteristic wherein an individual who have a land or in the high social status, can own other people. Since then slavery was very controversial and have different issues about it. The African slavery have usually heavy chains on the legs and hands and some have it on their necks, which causes a severe wounds, and bruises. In the beginning, African was treated as indentured servants, which could have a freedom and legal rights. These slaves were called as indentured servants because blackness wasn’t been develop yet at that time. However, Africans were treated as slaves particularly because of color and race, and also have more experiences when it comes to plantation wherein it is a major work in their country. According to the book Give Me Liberty, Eric Foner states that, “The English had long viewed alien peoples with disdain, including the Irish, Native Americans, and Africans. They described these strangers in remarkably similar language as savage, pagan, and uncivilized” (97). There was already discrimination and racism to other races that lead to brutality and inhumane to slavery and viewed them as an “enslavable”. The first arrival of black slaves was at Jamestown in 1619. There was a continuous expansion in the institution of slavery mostly to the plantation of the agriculture, and as the economy and colonial society keep on changing, so did in the development and existence of slavery. This embodied power had impacted the lives and freedom of slaves. The high demand of labor had expanded the need of slavery in the South, especially to the plantation of the agriculture, and it has ex...

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...though, some of the slaves haven’t achieve it and went back as a slave in the Caribbean
In the making of America, there were already an unresolvable arising problem between freedom and the slavery. Eric Foner states, “Petitioning for their freedom in1773, a group of New England slaves exclaimed, ‘We have no property! We have no wives! No children! We have no city! No country!’” (235). The Revolution War, Thomas Paine, equality, and liberty had inspired slaves that slavery will be demolished in America, that’s why a petition had been given to the governor and legislature of Massachusetts. The petitioners had recognize that unalienable which are all the slaves, and the whites, and Europeans have the can all achieve freedom in any ways, with the equality treatment between blacks and whites.

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