Liberation Theology and Protestant Reformation Essay

Liberation Theology and Protestant Reformation Essay

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Christian theology has studied and used the Bible to explain the reason of life and the message of God. The way in which this has been done has varied from time to time and from region to region. In the first section of this essay Western Europe is regarded as the central point of one of the most challenging division of the Christian faith. The Protestant Reformation would open the way to new types of Christian Faith known as Protestantism. The causes which precipitated this movement will be addressed in order to understand the social motivations of the Reformation. The figure of Martin Luther King will also be discussed as it is one of the most popular names of Protestantism which resulted into the Lutheran Church. The role of the Humanists in the Renaissance period is introduced as it influenced all the movement and Luther himself. Theology scholars used ideas of the humanist approach in order to decode many of the inconsistencies of the sacred texts which formed the Bible of the middle Ages. After the usage of all these new techniques; that worked towards achieving a clearer understanding of the sacred texts. The accomplishing of more faithful translations was a big step made from where not only the clergy but also, and mainly the laity would be able to benefit. Luther was concerned about the role and duties of the laity whose faith was completely dependent on the preaching’s of the Roman Church and he drew a completely new system where the structure of God-Clergy-Laity, switch to God-Laity.
On the second example of how the Bible offers different resources to the non-elite, I have drawn on examples from the 20th century, Latin American movement known as Liberation Theology. It was essential to mention the disturbing history t...

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