Liberals : The Liberal Paradigm Essay

Liberals : The Liberal Paradigm Essay

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The Liberal Paradigm
Liberals see humans as both moral and rational beings, who are egotistical and altruistic as well as competitive and cooperative (Mullaly, 2007). They assume that everyone should be able to support themselves, because they are sufficiently motivated by self-development, and through this motivation they can be successful and move upwards in class status (Mullaly, 2007). The nation-state in the liberal paradigm exists to ensure fair competition, and generally acts in the best interests of society to promote harmony (Mullaly, 2007). The basic liberal belief is in equality of opportunity, which stresses that anyone can move up through the class system (indeed, they often see the class system as being “upper class”, “middle class” and “those working towards middle class”, ignoring the “low class” component of society) through hard work and individual effort, after being granted basic equality (Mullaly, 2007). Liberals are in general favour of social change that improves conditions for individual members of society, but do not see a reason to change society as a whole (Mullaly, 2007).
Sexual Health Education in the Liberal Paradigm
Sex education within the liberal paradigm is developed under a model that Corngold (2013) refers to as value neutral. Under this model, students are provided with nonjudgmental descriptions of a variety of topics, and then presented with the different moral perspectives as they relate to them (Corngold, 2013). This method appears impartial, which is particularly good for promoting harmony within society by including all opinion (Corngold, 2013). This is specifically problematic because it is difficult to carry out without including the inherent bias of educators, and may furt...

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...ified to make their own judgments and guides them to being able to do so (Corngold, 2013).
Social Work in the Social Democrat Paradigm
Social democrat social workers aim to not only tend to the immediate needs of a client, but also make broader transformations of society (Mullaly, 2007). They attempt to both normalize and depersonalize problematic issues, while also helping to mobilize support to change these issues on a broader level (Mullaly, 2007). These social workers would be able to help individuals navigate through the process of becoming autonomous, through individual counselling potentially in schools, group work with students, and pushing society to allow this change to be made. Social democratic social workers are the most likely to achieve broad change and thus would be the most likely to influence governmental policy to adapt this form of sex education.

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