Essay on Liberal Socialism And The Utopian Socialism

Essay on Liberal Socialism And The Utopian Socialism

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conservative socialism, and critical utopian socialism. Reactionary socialism comprises feudal socialism, petty-bourgeois socialism, and German socialism. Feudal socialism is the earliest form of socialism brought by the expansion of the bourgeois. Marx condemns the feudal socialists for exploiting the working class when they were in power and disregarding the progress of history. On the other hand, petty-bourgeois is the class that fluctuates between proletarians and bourgeois. The petty-bourgeois socialism has a characteristic standard of the proletariat and is criticized by Marx for its urge to reinstate the old form of socialism.
On the other hand, the German socialism arose as a reaction to the French socialist literature. However, the Germans did not realize that the French society was different from their own and as a result, Germany experienced slow economic progress despite those supporting its adoption earning many admirers. This is because the form of socialism lacked character class in Germany and condemned the violent revolution.
Communism in relation to other opposition political parties
This section summarizes the position of the Communists in selected nations in Europe, such as Germany and France. The section then reaches a conclusion that ranks Germany as being on the eve of the bourgeois revolution and predicts revolutions in the entire world. The section calls for the union of the social democrats to support the proletarians in their struggle.
Analysis and evaluation of the communist manifesto
The Bourgeois and Proletarians
Marx notes that the capitalist may not be necessarily selfish by exploiting the working class neither does he state that the proletarian are unselfish by rebelling against the bourgeois. Th...

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...e use of violence cannot achieve the needed social change. Marx disagrees with them since he believes that the proletarian revolution is needed to achieve the needed reforms. Thirdly, he criticizes other reforms since he believes they do not appreciate the true character class of the struggle.
Communism in relation to other opposition political parties
This section merely emphasizes the political purposes of the communists: rising to power through revolutions. The prediction by Marx that Germany will form the center of the proletarian revolution indicates that the progress of societies in approaching the communist revolt should be different.
In conclusion, though written many years ago, the Communist Manifesto provides an inspiration to many in this century. As people and nations are trying to find an alternative to capitalism, communism can be their option.

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