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The Liberal Party Of Canada Essay

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Words often associated with democracy are freedom, choice, representation, voice and opinion. However, what happens when there is an excessive number of representatives and too many politicians voicing their opinions? The choice of whom to vote for becomes harder due to the barrage of opinions. The influx of political parties has greatly affected the elections, as poll results show that minority parties are receiving votes from Canadians which diminishes the amount of votes going to the main parties.

In the 2015 Canadian federal election, the main parties that people focused on were the Liberals, the Progressive Conservatives, the New Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois. However there were several other registered parties for this election. The CBC had an article on the twenty three parties that a Canadian could cast a vote for. Looking at this list, most of the parties did not field a candidate in every riding. On top of that many promote controversial ideologies. For example, the Marijuana party of Canada also known as the Radical Marijuana Party, has a platform that revolves around legalizing cannabis and making it socially acceptable. This party appeals to a very narrow segment of the population, who would end up voting for them, which causes the votes going to the other parties to decline. Another example of a party with a very limited appeal is the Communist party of Canada. The Communist party fielded candidates in twenty six ridings across Canada. They received a small percentage of the votes cast in each of these ridings. While they did not come close to winning, by siphoning away votes from other so-called legitimate parties, they made the race closer than necessary. The whole start of the i...

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...ften confusing and results in a lot of yelling over each other and cross talking rather than true debating. In addition, parties may team up and cut down one debater which is not fair and often leads to problems later on. When there are 2 candidates debating, there is less chaos and the the debate is easier to follow. One could suggest that due to the fact that most of the time the debating points are pre-planned and the cross-talking is refreshing, as well as that coalition governments stop parties from taking advantage of their power. But the whole point of voting is to see who is the best person to run the country, not who is the best person but they someone else had to help them. Also when a party is elected and they have the majority, there is a reason they have the majority, it is because the people wanted them to run their country and implement their policies.

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