Liberal Conservatism Vs Modern Liberalism Essay

Liberal Conservatism Vs Modern Liberalism Essay

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There are many political views in society in which people have different opinions and standing points. In modern liberalism and modern conservatism both have different ways which affect society and have made its contribution to the world. Both of modern and liberal conservatism have distinct matters in how they view political and life matters. While some think that conservatism is better than liberalism, that isn’t always the case.

To start off, modern liberalism focuses more on the freedom of the individual. For example, liberals tend to support gay and abortion rights (Guide pg. 23), because the ideal is that as a human being, a person has the right to their own decision. Compared to modern conservatism which want more regulations and laws to maintain order. In addition, liberals tend to be concerned about equality outcomes and want to support those who are usually at a disadvantage. For example, people should be able to express themselves freely without judgment. However, there is a limit to how much freedom a person can have, but the most important is that the person doesn’t force their opinions on another individual. On another point, one of the biggest problems was the concept of market failure. This is when the goods and services are not a social benefit; such as when the producer knows more than the customer and external cases such as environmental issues. Modern liberalism focuses around the use of the state for the benefit of society as a whole. It is generally associated with social welfare programs and a variety of other means that are used to support society through the use of programs (PP. Modern Liberalism). For example, social welfare is one of the most common, in which allows the government to help people with t...

... middle of paper ... in their work, they do want the government to keep their word and protect the individual’s rights. However in the past, the government has had a conservative way of dealing with society for a very long time and it has worked well. But in exchange none the government has had more responsibility but successful way of running society. For example there wouldn’t be as much rebellions or boycotts, it would only be the laws and that’s it.
Over all, I prefer the concept of the modern liberalism because of the ways situations are handled. I feel as society progresses forward (or so I hope), will continue to improve in equality and liberalism. In simple terms, liberalism does not like government intervention. And although liberalist don’t like it when the government imposes in their work, they do want the government to keep their word and protect the individual’s rights.

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