Liberal Art Schools Worthiness Essay examples

Liberal Art Schools Worthiness Essay examples

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Education is like the base that structures societies’ values and morals. Back in the old days, the importance of education was just for the people who want to know more about a particular subject. Furthermore, education was the main interest for the people who want to revolutionize the industry of education. Nonetheless, with capitalism everything has changed. The most important change was the importance of education. Suddenly, huge cooperation took place and required a set of standards for anybody who wants a good job in that system. Thus, of course, more and more people started to realize that education is the only way for them to live in capital societies. Today, collage standards expand and people discovered that some institutes are better than the others due to the options that each system provides. Of course liberal art school is one of them due to its philosophical base of the way that people should follow to learn. Nonetheless, nowadays, liberal art school is not economically worth the money to students because it is not providing students with what they actually need.
Anything that is not providing students with what they actually need is not economically worth the money to the students. Most economists will tell that there is a relationship between students’ needs and the money that they pay now or later for it. This defines human instinct that if something cost a lot then this thing should be worth it for the time and the effort that were spend on it. A parallel that you might consider of that continuous is the low performance and pricy cars at the same time; liberal art schools, is like those unworthy cars. However, there has been a huge debate in the recent years exists about the money that students pay during th...

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...-one student-faculty ratio” which solves that issue. Finally, some would argue that students should take classes from many different majors so that they have enough insights and values to live by. This philosophy won’t benefit the students a lot due to the confusion that it builds inside students’ brains. Thus, the students graduate with vague thoughts about everything.
To sum up, during the current situation of not affordable liberal art school it is clear that this school is not providing students with their needs. The low support to students is one of the downsides to this school. There are a number of great solutions that would get liberal art schools system to the level that it deserves. One suggestion is that costs should be lowered, the number of the professors should be increased and the classes’ selection should be improved to serve students’ interests.

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