The Lgbtq Community 's Long History Essay

The Lgbtq Community 's Long History Essay

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The LGBTQ community’s long history first rose into prominence with the emergence of
gay and lesbian speakeasies in the 1920’s, where gay/lesbian artists performed or just hosted
events without the fear of persecution. Some of the most prominent artists and writers that
emerged from the LGBTQ community at the time include Gladys Bentley, a lesbian singer and
cross dresser, and Langston Hughes and Gertrude Stein, very famous and published gay and
lesbian writers. This created an emergence of gay/lesbian literature as well, notably books such
as “The Well of Loneliness” by Radclyffe Hall. These underground clubs were most
predominantly found in San Francisco, Harlem, and Greenwich Village, cities and areas known
for their liberal ideas.
In the 1930’s tensions were high all over the country as the great depression brought
upon fights and disharmony in areas such as Harlem, where men in droves left their wives and
families, and there was civilian anarchy. There was great social unrest not only in the US but in
Germany as well, where sexologist Dr. Hirschfeld and many Germans pushed for the allowance
of men to wear dresses and feminine attire, only to later be put in concentration camps. The
unrest in Germany sparked into a world war that changed the LGBTQ community forever. In the
40’s World War 2 had brought in women join the army, with s majority of the female battalions
to be filled with lesbians who were highly ranked soldiers, despite their sexuality. The war also
brought small town citizens into big cities where they more easily got into same sex
relationships. There was also a staggering presence of gay men in the army fighting with the
straight men. As the gay and lesbian community all joined together over this period, it led t...

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...ognized by President Obama as a historic site is a
huge signifier of the new awareness and respect of not only Stonewall but also the entire LGBTQ
community as a whole. This site marks the turning point for LGBTQ youth to finally demand
their civil rights as human beings, and be treated as normal members of society. This honor of
being recognized as a historic monument also came to be almost exactly a year after gay
marriage was first legalized nationwide, and less than two weeks after the horrific mass shooting
at the Pulse gay nightclub, taking 49 lives, as one of the deadliest mass shootings in the country,
specifically against LGBTQ individuals. This marks an important moment in history as a
landmark for the plight of this community for decades before and many more to come as the
LGBT community has grown and come so far, yet still has much more left to accomplish.

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