Essay about Lgbt Rights And The Human Rights

Essay about Lgbt Rights And The Human Rights

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LGBT Rights
Since B.C.E eras, homosexuality has been depicted in roman culture through paintings or statues of homosexual acts. The predominant religions in the world consist of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. These religions have deep roots in countries around the world. These religions strongly advocate heterosexual marriage and condemn homosexuality because it is viewed as a sin. Those involved in homosexual relations have been persecuted for centuries and have been beaten, tortured and even murdered. Going forward since then, there now exist 13 international LGBT rights organizations and movements with more than 100 combined movements from countries throughout the world. The largest of these organizations is the human rights campaign. Even though many countries have come forth and accepted LGBT rights, there are many that have still condemned homosexuality and continue to persecute these individuals. Predominantly African and Middle Eastern nations, due to their religious views, strongly oppose same sex marriage. More than 55 percent of LGBT individuals showed in a poll taken, that they are afraid of becoming victims of hate crimes. The problem that LGBT individuals face is they do not feel comfortable confiding their sexuality in others because of the fear that they will be discriminated, beaten imprisoned or killed. This causes many LGBT individuals to become isolated and hide their sexuality from their families.
UN involvement:
The United Nations has taken strong measures in order to stop the hate crimes and unequal rights of LGBT individuals. The Very foundation of human rights state “all people are born free in dignity and their natural rights.” The United Nations has attempted to bring this clause to t...

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