Essay on LGBT Interest Groups Lobbying Effects on Local and State Governments

Essay on LGBT Interest Groups Lobbying Effects on Local and State Governments

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The legislatures of states are deeply involved in the public debate on how to define marriage, and argue whether marriage’s legal definition should be extended to same-gender couples. Currently, seventeen states and the District of Columbia have laws allowing same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is prohibited in thirty-three states, and twenty-nine states outlaw same-gender unions in their state constitutions. The effects of special interest group lobbying for and against same-sex marriage legalization impact local and state governments, as well as states’ constitutions.
Special interest groups such as Freedom to Marry, Human Rights Campaign, and Equality Virginia, monitors state proposed legislation, and advocates within states on behalf of states’ gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Gay advocacy interest groups argue for same-gender couples to have “access to the same marriage benefits and legal protections that heterosexual couples enjoy, and insist laws prohibiting gay marriage are unconstitutional”; further proclaiming “Gay marriage is protected by t...

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