The Lgbt Community Based On Their Sexual Orientation Essay example

The Lgbt Community Based On Their Sexual Orientation Essay example

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culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" This introduces a major issue in the LGBT community. Most of the heterosexual population does not fully understand what the LGBT community is. This is due to the misunderstanding of the definition and types of sexual orientation. To most, sexual orientation refers only to sexual preference. However, sexual orientation not only refers to attraction— but also identities. The LGBT community not only includes homosexuals and bisexuals, but also others such as asexual and transgenders. Because these sexual orientations were vastly unpopular in the past, a prejudice against non- heterosexuals began to build over the years. This prejudice has caused the LGBT community to be harassed, exploited, embarrassed, humiliated, and isolated. Currently, injustice against them because of their sexual orientation has become more common and public. Those who are not heterosexuals are often discriminated against by private institutions and companies. Private institutions should not be allowed to discriminate or outcast members of the LGBT community based on their sexual orientation.
Since the time people began deviating from heterosexuality, sexual orientation became a major discriminatory factor. It was believed that being gay, lesbian, transgenders, and others went against nature. While the new generation is more accepting, many still discriminate against the LGBT community. Discrimination based on sexual orientation can"affect executives with six- figure incomes and those who clean offices at night for the minimum wage" (Paulson). The LGBT community are vulnerable to the discrimination coming from private institutions. For example, the LGBT community can "be denied s...

... middle of paper ... industry. These prove businesses are able to evict gay apartment tenets, deny lesbians service at restaurants, refuse to hire me and women because they are transgenders, and others. Private institutions should not be able to deny access to the public based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Businesses should not be able to discriminate against a person 's sexuality and gender identity because it denies that person their fundamental American rights. They also should not be able to allow discriminating, because it dehumanizes the LGBT community. Discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation could temporarily cause a minor or major economic decline. Until the time comes when everyone is protected under anti- discrimination laws, everyone should contact their state representatives to push a statewide acceptance of different sexual orientation.

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