Essay about The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Essay about The Lewis and Clark Expedition

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After being issued by President Thomas Jefferson to map, explore, and compile information on the land just bought through the Louisiana Purchase, Captain Meriwether Lewis and 2nd Lieutenant William Clark set off on one of the greatest expeditions of all time. This paper will explore what adversities were faced on the Corp of Discoveries. From militant Indians to diseases like dysentery, they faced it all. And as Captain Lewis documented, “We went as close to hell as you can go in this lifetime.” (11.Perry)
On April 30, 1803, the United States bought 828,000 square miles of uncharted land from France. This is known as the Louisiana Purchase. A little over a year later, Jefferson’s famous “Corps of Discovery” set off from Camp River DuBois on the Missouri River. This group was led by Captain Meriwether Lewis, President Jefferson’s private secretary, and 2nd Lieutenant William Clark. They carried with them a keelboat, two smaller rowboats known as pirogues, and fifty-five men including translators, soldiers, a slave, and a dog named Seaman. The main goal of the expedition was to find a water route linking the Columbia and Missouri rivers. Finding this route would lead to an increase in trade and travel. As they traded with the Indians they set up the first phase of fur trading within the Oregon Country. This later led to strong diplomatic relations with some of the Native American tribes. Lewis and Clark also contributed greatly to the botanical and zoological fields by documenting 174 new plant species and 134 new animal species. But it was not all fun and games, as you will see. (4. " lewis & clark expedition --reading 1.") (11.Perry) (5. "Lewis and clark expedition facts, information, pictures.")
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