Level Of Awareness And Understanding About Bullying Essays

Level Of Awareness And Understanding About Bullying Essays

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Level of awareness and understanding about bullying before this class?
Bullying was never something I had learned about from my parents or school programming. I learned about bullying from witnessing it and firsthand experience. I think everyone can say at some point in their life they have experienced some form of bullying. At my school those actions were not addressed and there were no repercussions for bullying. Prior to this class I felt that I had an average understanding of bullying. Through my own personal experience I formed my own definition. I defined bullying as the use of verbal or physical actions to intimidate or harm an individual. Bullying seemed to be the most common during middle school. During my middle school years there was always someone that was the target of bullying. The victims were people that did not fit the mold of what middle schoolers viewed as normal. Students with disabilities were the biggest targets. I was bullied heavily during middle school, which caused me to have low self-esteem and dislike attending school. My focus was not on my grades, but on who I was going to sit with at lunch. The feelings I had are very common of bullying victims. Bullying victims can also spiral into depression and contemplate suicide. My eighth grade year a fellow classmate who had long been a target of bullying attempted suicide with a jump rope.
What I learned and how?
Through this class I have gained a better understanding of what bullying behavior entails.
The World Health Organization (2002) recognizes bullying behavior as the intentional use of physical and psychological force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community that either results in or has a high...

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...tic for the situation portrayed, suicide is a real possibility and it is important for people to understand what acts of bullying can lead to. The movie also emphasized that cyberbullying victims should speak up. Another aspect that the movie brought awareness to was the lack of options when it comes to combating bullies. Few states have any laws regarding the issue. One source of possible negative influence the movie may have is the portal of the main character’s return to school. This may give people the idea that if they bring attention to the bullying behavior of others their peers will support them. There is no light shed on the likely possibility of the bullying later resuming. Besides this possible negative influence, the movie accurately portrayed a situation of cyberbullying while educating its audience and bringing awareness to the subject of cyberbullying.

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