Level 2 Certificate Of Leadership And Team Skills Essay

Level 2 Certificate Of Leadership And Team Skills Essay

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Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and Team Skills

Developing your work team

Student name: Guillaume Pignero
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Due date: 20th March 2015
Word count: 1600


This is to certify that the work I am submitting is my own. All external references and sources are clearly acknowledged and identified within the contents. I am aware of the Kensington and Chelsea College regulation concerning plagiarism and collusion.
tasks such as allocate rooms accordingly to guest requests, update guest data, check guest are paying the right amount of their stay and running a correct banking.
Part 1: Understand the nature of teams
1. Explain how teams differ from groups in the workplace
It is important to distinguish the difference between teams and groups. The main difference is that teams work altogether toward a common goal whereas groups can work altogether but for their own objective. It is important to highlight that a group does not necessary need a leader to follow but a team does and this leader will set directions to achieve the goal. In teams people are more committed as they share their ideas, they know the purpose of what they are doing and what the others are doing, they understand better individual objectives and team objectives whereas in groups, generally people are just told what they have to do without further explanations. Because in a team people get to know each other, it builds trust and enhances communication but in groups, people do not really know each other, do not trust or communicate effectively with each other. In teams it is frequent to see constructive conflict as people talk more openly and more honestly but in group it is quite rare. Eventually, people in teams are more involv...

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... in a nice way.
A relevant example is the ‘Nasa’s Moon Survival Test’; it has shown during the class that when people work together, they share their ideas, experience and knowledge and they get a better score than when they do the test individually.

3. List the disadvantages of working in a team
Working in a team has obviously loads of advantages but it also has some disadvantages. The main one could be time consumption. If people can work better in a team, they can also be more easily distracted and can lead to a waste of time. We all have different personalities and we have more or less affinity with other people and strong personalities might lead to a conflict. Also, team work requires more organisation, structure and monitoring. Some individuals might feel unimportant in a team and in a different scenario some people might take advantage such as working less.

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