Essay The Letter ' Too Much Pressure '

Essay The Letter ' Too Much Pressure '

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The Letter A
What 's so important about the letter "A" one may ask? Well, to most student 's getting the letter "A" on a report card is just as important to druggie craving another dosage of whatever drug their hooked on... they must to have it. In Collen Wenke 's essay "Too Much Pressure", she suggests "Today, the majority of the students who admit to cheating are the college-bound overachievers... the students who are trying to juggle too many activities are resorting to compromising their integrity" (534). As mentioned above, the vast majority of our modern day cheaters aren 't the uninterested, lazy students that fill our classrooms. Instead, Wenke tells us that the actual cheaters are the overachievers and that they will go by any means to get an A, even if it means jeopardizing their integrity, or in other words, cheating. They will settle for nothing less than an A in each and every one of their classes because they know how important it is to their future. These students are "overachievers" because they do more than what 's being asked, all in hopes of securing a good grade. However, when overachieving isn 't enough, these bright minds enter a place sought where only uninterested, lazy students go, the world of cheating... Students are pressured to get good grades by their parents, school system and scholarship programs, and even society.
Most students don 't live, breathe, and die for good grades because they like seeing the letter A on a piece of paper. In fact, they live, breathe, and die for good grades because they know their grades will shape their futures, and so do their parents... Parents know that if their kids work hard enough in school, they will be able to go college, and if they go to c...

... middle of paper ... society due to the world 's limited perception of that group. For example, African Americans have been oppressed for decades in America, both racially and economically. Many African Americans know that they need must to try twice as hard in school, the workplace, and just everyday life. This idea can cause African American students to be pressured to cheat because student 's know that they have to work twice as hard to achieve and attain the same things as other races. The fact that there is still a race issue here in America and there 's still lingering effects of racial attributes in every corner can cause African American students to cheat. in attempt to get a small boost not just in school, but in everyday life. That is why African American students are pressured because they are expected to do twice as much for equal or less, which can cause them to cheat.

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