The Letter to the Six Billionth Person by Rushdie Essay

The Letter to the Six Billionth Person by Rushdie Essay

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The works of Rushdie have received lots of criticism by many people. However, there are some that value his work and he was knighted, in 2007, for his work. The letter is addressed to the six billionth person in an ever increasing world population. His letter deals with a serious topic, and the tone he uses is appropriate to the subject matter. The language used in the letters is well structured and coherent but the arguments he has made lack sufficient support in order to reach the large conclusion he is inferring, which makes the readers question the validity of his claim.
His intended audience is people that support the religious groups and accept everything that they say, without thinking for themselves. He used six billionth person as a way to show how much of an issue is world population increase. The claim of being a part of a notoriously inquisitive species is unsupported and is therefore, a generalization and an assumption. Rushdie talked about asking the two sixty-four thousand dollar questions, yet there is no link between the number 264000 and his letter whatsoever, except that it just means worth a lot. And the latter would have been more appropriate owing to the seriousness of the topic.
Furthermore, he brings religion into his arguments. He defines God as an invisible being that we cannot fully understand but accept as the creator of the universe, which is true as it is the definition of God. But he wrongly believes that the question of origin requires us to believe in the existence of God, because atheists also have their own theory on origin, even if they do not believe in God. There are multiple actual examples taken from different religions about how God created the universe. The writer claims that many of the...

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...perts divided on the actual theory. He has used at some places good examples to support his cause. However, the loopholes in his arguments are far greater and mostly rest on unsupported generalizations and assumptions. The conclusion, however, is solid and definite. Hence, the conclusion is too strong to claim with these somewhat weak reasons Even though his arguments were weak, but they might actually convince many individuals to agree with him, as it is highly likely that his letter will create doubts in people’s minds about the intentions of the priests and the theories brought by religion on the origin of life. This can explain the reaction he got from the religious leaders. But it does very little to convince people with strong religious beliefs to stop practicing what they have been practicing for a very long time, which are most likely his intended audience.

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