Letter to Complain to the Creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening

Letter to Complain to the Creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening

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To Matt Groening (Creator of the Simpsons),

I am writing to you regarding a particularly concerning episode of the Simpsons. I am a big fan of the simpsons and have enjoyed watching it for years, and until this day have never had to complain about it.
I am shocked, furious and appalled about the way you, in the episode blood feud, represented the elderly in a very stereotypical way, the use of inappropriate language, the showing of death also the disgusting display of nudity.
I am aware that many people find these things funny, you may well be one of them, but I am not, neither are the hundreds and thousands of parents who have had to punish their children because they have imitated the simpsons and consequently hurt themselves or some other innocent person.
Firstly I would like to inform you, because you obviously you do not already know, that in our modern society it is up to us to teach our children respect for the elderly, it is already hard enough with out you showing the elderly to be cruel, greedy and in homers fathers case boring.
I understand that a lot of characters are stereotypical in your show to make it funny, but I advise you in future to make the characters less offending.
Secondly the amount of unnecessary violence is not funny, Is not attracting more viewers and is not good for children to see. It is teaching children :?if some body annoys me I can only make the situation better by strangling him or her.?
Thirdly I must express my concern for the sickening display of nudity. I must say Mr.Burns?s bottom is not a very pleasant sight. I would appreciate it if you thought long and hard if this high level of nudity is necessary.
my forth point I would like you to take into consideration is the scene which shows Mr.

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Burns dieing, this scene is particularly disturbing, I have myself suffered the consequences, I have not had a satisfactory amount of sleep because I keep on having nightmares.
I enjoy watching the simpsons and hope you do not give me another reason to complain to you again. How long does it take to put in a warning at the start of a episode telling a parent that though this episode is suitable for all age you may want to stay and watch it with your children? According to my research up to two hours, I am sure you could spare two hours of your day, after all you had time to read this letter.


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