Letter Support Of Estrella Estrada 's Desire For Attend University 's Social Welfare Msw Program

Letter Support Of Estrella Estrada 's Desire For Attend University 's Social Welfare Msw Program

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I am delighted to write this letter in support of Estrella Estrada’s desire to attend Berkeley’s Social Welfare MSW Program. I had the pleasure of advising Estrella while at Santa Ana College and currently serve as her supervisor in the Student Support Services Coaching Program. She is an individual who I’ve watch grow academically. Transforming into a community leader and mentor to our students.
The overall goal of the TRIO Program she participated in is to assist first-generation, low-income students transfer to the university within 2 to 3 years, by providing the services they need to do so; advising, tutoring, workshops, study groups, mentoring, financial aid assistance, etc. Estrella soon became one of our top achievers, demonstrating and intense sense of will to excel academically. She took advantage of every single one our services and committed to being a weekly participant, exceeding program requirements every single semester. She was a student who took direction well and when mastered a class or skill assisted the other TRIO students around her. Accordingly, she became a leader amongst our students. I asked students why they sought her and their response was one that I am proud of. I must quote what one female student, in particular, told me in the fall of 2014, “Miss Lily she’s kind and when I need motivation for a class or don’t understand the material in one of my classes she finds a way to help me or give me suggestions that worked for her. She listens to me. She also encourages me to be better and challenge myself.” Her sense of being transcended not just with the staff that worked with her, but the students that came in regularly. She wasn’t required to work with or help them since she too was a student herself, ye...

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...se she is first-generation Latina that had to prove to herself what she was capable of obtaining. Relatable because she wasn’t one of those individuals that just “got it”, but actually had to work hard to acquire the grades she received. She sought out feedback and ways to improve continuously. Advocates inspires those around her. I am confident that no matter where she goes Estrella will be the change that we all wish to see in this world. At a micro level, she is currently doing so. I will end with this final comment, Estrella’s name in Spanish means star and that is what this amazing young individual is. A star that no matter how dark it gets will always shine and be a source of light to those around her.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at Ramirez_liliana@sac.edu


Liliana Ramirez
Student Program Specialist
Santa Ana College

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