Letter of Recommendation for Alejandra Galaviz Essay

Letter of Recommendation for Alejandra Galaviz Essay

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It is a great honor to write a letter of recommendation for Alejandra Galaviz. I have known Alejandra for three years in an academic setting. She was one of my finest Spanish students three years ago and she always motivated other students to succeed as well. She has been my most trusted teacher’s assistant for the last two years. She is one of the most mature, helpful, reliable and trustworthy students I have taught in my 12 years of public teaching.
As a public high school teacher, I have seen hundreds of students walk in and out of my classroom over the last 12 years, and Alejandra is in the top 1% of students who have had a positive impact on me. I cannot say enough about her character and integrity. She is resilient and has been an encouragement to me and countless other students and teachers—on and off campus. We will miss her positive presence next year.
Alejandra is a dynamic person of integrity, sincerity, and self-motivation. She was born in Nochistlan, Zacatecas. Her family moved to the U.S legally when she was two years old. At the age of three her father was no longer part of her life and her mother then became a single mother of five kids. Her mother struggled to make ends meet, working long and difficult hours, and earning only minimum wage. I know that Alejandra looks up to her mother and sister as role models as they have blazed the trial and shown Alejandra that she can accomplish great things in the face of extreme difficulty. Alejandra’s dream career is to become a registered nurse, and I am confident that she will not only become an RN, but that she will be one of the best nurses because of her diligence and intrinsic motivation. She is very competitive and always strives to do her best in everything...

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...eral and her willingness to get involved, contribute to the positive atmosphere that we have here on this campus.
I have overheard many other teachers saying positive things about Alejandra as well. My colleagues have praised her resilience to challenges, her diligence in all of her subjects, her determination to complete tasks, her fun-loving spirit, attention to detail, and her positive attitude, just to name a few. Students speak highly of her too. She is an effective communicator, a leader, a world citizen, and overall a dynamic person. I have witnessed Alejandra flourish in her academic life and personal life over the last few years. The effort Alejandra has put into her public education coupled with her generous and kindhearted personality will make her an incredibly valuable asset to any university. I highly recommend Alejandra Galaviz for this scholarship!

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