Letter from the General Manager: Code of Conduct Basics Essay

Letter from the General Manager: Code of Conduct Basics Essay

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Letter from the General Manager 3
Code of Conduct Basics 3
Integrity 3
Trust 3
Respect 4
Business Practices 4
Fam trips 4
Site inspections 4
Interaction with clients and suppliers 5
Supplier interaction with clients 5
Expectation from clients 5
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Dear EventOn Team Member,
Throughout the years, we have earned the trust of clients, suppliers and shareholders because of our commitment to high standards in everything we do. Key values like honesty, integrity and trust define the soul of the company and how we work.
Our Code of Conduct provides the information and the tools necessary to conduct ourselves ethically and in compliance with law. As an EventOn Professional you are expected to read and be familiar with the standards and use them to guide your actions.
Always remember that in every interaction, you are the face of our company. As we continue to create unique events, make sure your actions reflect your pride in yourself, those you work with and the company.
Martina Pokorná


Our continued success depends on our commitment to conduct business with integrity and honesty; therefore as an EventOn employee, you have a responsibility to:
• Act with integrity and honesty on the job
• Comply with applicable laws and regulations in performing your duties
• Be familiar with the standards, follow them at all times and seek help when you have a question.
• Share concerns about any conduct that violates our standards
No document can address every situation you may possibly face in your everyday work, but we rely on you to use these standards as well as your good judgement to guide your behaviou...

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...s, suppliers and event planners.


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