Letter From Lock Haven 's Physician Assistant ( Pa ) Program Essay

Letter From Lock Haven 's Physician Assistant ( Pa ) Program Essay

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Dr. Carnicom,

As you are aware, I was dismissed from Lock Haven’s Physician Assistant (PA) Program due to my GPA not meeting the minimum requirement of the summer semester, and I was denied the option of returning next summer with decelerated student status. While I accept full responsibility for the shortcoming of my GPA, I feel strongly that I should be granted the opportunity to decelerate next summer. I hope that this appeal sufficiently explains why I merit reconsideration for this option.

I understand that the GPA minimum is a necessary standard of academic potential. I was also aware that I was in a precarious position near the end of the semester. I was certain, however, that the steady improvement I was making, particularly with my Human Anatomy exams, would prevail over some of my weaker scores. Despite receiving some of my highest test scores during finals week, I was crushed to find out that I had missed the required GPA by a deficit of 0.18 points on my final Anatomy exam. I am aware that the deceleration policy has been used in the past for similar cases, and I received the impression that the faculty would be considering this option for me as well. In my recent meeting with Curtis and Anna Mae, they informed me that no other factors were involved in my circumstance other than my GPA. Hence, the decision not to extend deceleration status to me is perplexing, as well as dismaying.

While I realize that GPA is an important indicator of academic aptitude, it has been frequently emphasized to me that it is only one component of being a competent PA. Healthcare is a profession that is constantly changing, and requires strong interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to deal with uncertainty, a lifelong desir...

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...s are clear for the PA Program. I am also aware, however, that the option of repeating the summer semester has been granted to students in the past. To issue me an academic dismissal without the option of deceleration will essentially end my prospect of ever becoming a Physician Assistant. This for me would be a life-changing consequence for missing the required GPA by a single question.

I thank you, Dr. Carnicom, for taking the time, when I am sure there are many other matters for you to address, to seriously consider my appeal. I cannot express how vitally important this decision is to me, and I greatly appreciate having this opportunity to present my case. I additionally hope a personal interview with you could be arranged at your earliest convenience. I hope all goes well with you for the remainder of this summer, and I will be anxiously awaiting your response.

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