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Letter to the Editor Assignment

Letter From Jean-Jacques Rousseau

After reading an article written in The Globe and Mail describing Toronto’s current Mayor, Rob Ford’s latest scandal, there were various statements that caught my attention. It shocks me that such behaviour is tolerated by the community after receiving what I believe to be a disingenuous apology. I believe that Mayor Ford encapsulates everything that is wrong with our political system. His actions prove that he believes to be above the will of the people, taking advantage of his freedom when he should be putting the needs of the community first. Although it cannot be denied that Mayor Ford was elected into office by the choice of the public, that does not give him the right to act however he sees fit, he is merely a representative of Toronto. With this in mind, I contest that citizens of Toronto should be given the right to have Mayor Ford dismissed.
Everyone is equal including Rob Ford, and he should not be above the general will of the public just because of his elected status. On the contrary, I believe it is the people who are a source of sovereignty and hold the greatest power, Mayor Ford has seemed to have forgotten his role in society, and his position within the political system. The article discusses that there is no way of removing him from office short of criminal charges, but they are incapable of obtaining sufficient evidence due to the fact that he was not in possession of any illegal substances. It is preposterous that such power can be given to one man, and stripped away from the community that gave it to him. I agree with the statement made in the article that there should be an impeachment process set in place in order to handle sit...

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