Letter From a World War I Soldier Essay

Letter From a World War I Soldier Essay

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France, Eastern Front
July 31, 1914

Dearest Mother,
It's been three days since the Austrian-Hungarian empire launched an attack on Serbia . Now, we British soldiers are preparing for what is going to be the battle of Life and Death. My veins are pumping so much of excitement, and anxiety, but most importantly, of pride for the motherland Great Britain. You can hear the cries of the soldiers, "All hail, England!" Ah it feels good being a British soldier! Those damn Germans will pay for this and anyone who is standing in the way of the Allied Powers. I wish you were here to see this. It is very different from past wars we have discussed at home. We soldiers live in trenches. They are dug-out locations, about 6-8 ft deep where we rest or get prepared to head out towards the Western Front. I have to quite say they are quite disgusting. Rats the size of my arm roam around these holes. I guess now we are taking control of their territory. There are many parts of the trenches. The first part is where the soldiers are and they fire from here in case if any incoming enemies. The second trench, the cover trench, is in case the enemy passed the first one. It was more of a back-up trench, if you quite say. The third trench is where we rest when we are off-duty. It's not the cleanest or the nicest, but we try to make ourselves comfortable. The fourth trench has all our supplies: ammunition, food, you name it. In front of the first trench is barbed wire and in front of that is the infamous No Man's Land . It's a scary, rotten place where once you're in, you don't get out. But you know me, mama, I am a strong boy. I'm not scared of these things. Oh I forgot to mention! You know Andrew, the boy whose father owns the bakery we always go to...

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...ant to go home to you, mama. I am ashamed to be a part of this so-called wonderful country of England. The trenches are disgusting, filled with rats and falling bodies. The smell of death is near and we fear it. Brandon is now shell-shocked. He has lost his brother. Life will not be the same. This may be my last time writing to you. I don't know if I will live tomorrow. I'll probably just get shot and have my body lay on the hard ground. You'll probably get a report from the General saying I have died in war. I'm sorry, mama. I don't mean to frighten. I just want you to know I love with all my heart. You are the only one I got. Dad's not here anymore and it's just you and me now. I don't want to lose you. I don't want to see you live a life without me. I don't know what to do. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't care whether we win or lose the war. I just want to go home.

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