Letter For White Racism Is The Liberation Of The Other From Their Oppressed Status

Letter For White Racism Is The Liberation Of The Other From Their Oppressed Status

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The Solution:
If my solution to white racism is the liberation of the “other” from their oppressed status, how does my theological position provide liberation, is the question. My hopeful response is this: covenantal partnership requires all followers of God to recognize their personal status within the world as either the oppressors or the oppressed and collectively work to remove the power the oppressors possess. I believe God, at all times, is on the side of the marginalized and has, as liberation theologians’ Gustavo Gutierrez and Leonardo Boff note, a preferential option for the poor and the oppressed. God literally prefers the “other”. And because God prefers the “other”, God’s kingdom is working towards enabling the “other” while dethroning the Empires which cause the oppression. I believe Jesus Christ is the self-declared king of God’s kingdom who will liberate all of humanity and guide them in reclaiming their Imago Dei. I also believe Christians, who are ambassadors for God’s kingdom, must lay the ground work for the return of Christ.
Yet, the dethroning of Empires is no small feat and requires the collective effort of the covenantal community. What this means is that both Jews and Gentiles, black and white, male and female, gay and straight, and any and all who make up the “other” will embrace their status as participants in God’s grand scheme to put the world back to rights by denying their privilege and joining in solidarity with the oppressed. For those who are currently oppressed, this is less of an issue since the expectation is for those with power to relinquish their power in the name of justice, liberation, and reconciliation. But, for those who are in power, like myself, it means giving up my status in the Em...

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... is at work.
In light of the plight of the Palestinians, who are the original elect community within God’s covenant, I now recognize that God’s kingdom is breaking forth wherever injustice against the “other” is taking place—this is where God is at work. If someone asks: where is God’s kingdom, I will point to the ghettos in Camden, the prison cells in Guantanamo Bay, the sweatshops in Indonesia, the slums of Brazil, the walls surrounding Palestine, and say, “there is God at work, that is the location where heaven meets earth”. After all, the powerless will inherit the earth. As I long to be a part of God’s coming kingdom, I acknowledge that I must relinquish my power and my whiteness if I am going to be on the side of the deconstruction of white racism as an ambassador for God’s kingdom. Unfortunately, my status within the Empire makes this easier said than done…

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