Essay on Let's Talk: An Alternative to Divorce

Essay on Let's Talk: An Alternative to Divorce

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America has become a fast-paced society of people with no interaction. Families are busier, with little time for trivialities such as having dinner together or getting to know one another through conversation. Drive-thru lanes provide quick and hassle free services of increasing variety. Vacation spots offer walk in wedding chapels and coming soon are the drive-thru divorce lanes. Learning to talk about conflict instead of running from it is a skill lacking in today’s culture. It should not be so easy to quit on marriage. This paper will show that couples attending counseling before a divorce will slow the sky rocketing divorce rates in the United States.

Let’s Talk; an Alternative to Divorce 3

There was a time, in a traditional wedding, the couple repeated the phrase, “till death do us part,” and it meant that only the death of one or the other would end the marriage. Some get married on a whim with no regard to the commitment made before God, family and friends. Troubles hit the marriage and the only route of defense is the divorce court. Still others may have courted for a while, spend a small fortune on the perfect wedding and still end in divorce. According to Dana Krupinsky his article, Divorce in America – Why?, people want only what is good for themselves, even if it is not the best for someone else. Some have the attitude, "If the marriage doesn't work, I can get a divorce.” Making a marriage work is much harder that filling out paperwork.
United States, having the highest marriage rate, is not surprisingly the leaders in divorce. (, ( One of the leading causes of divorce is unh...

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...d be in a relationship.
Restoring the importance of marriage to society and the welfare of children may require the courts to make this one of their tasks. Refocusing funds to preserve marriage by reducing divorce will be good for children and society, but in the long- run will save money. If the court would order a couple to stay and fight for their marriage, maybe the lesson would trickle into other areas of their life and other issues faced would become easier to solve. Making it harder for them to walk out would require participation in counseling and quality time spent together before granted a divorce. American society, through its institutions, must teach core principles: that marriage is the best environment in which to raise healthy, happy children. (Robert E. Rector Senior Research Fellow in Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation).

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