Essay on Let's Legalize Gay Marriage

Essay on Let's Legalize Gay Marriage

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Let’s Legalize Gay Marriage
Gay marriage is a right. Heterosexual couples are allowed to enjoy all the marriage benefits, so why shouldn’t same-sex couples be able to? Why should other people be able to choose who marries who? If a man and a woman get married, no one seems to care. Gay marriage should be legal because it’s an issue of equal rights, it would save society money, and it will increase the chances for foster children to be adopted into loving families.
Same-sex marriage is an issue of equal rights. All human beings should be treated equally and allowed the same options. So allowing gay couples to wed would promote equality for everyone and break this barrier we have between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Straight couples marry for love and to start a family, but they also do it to gain access to all the benefits and legal protections that come with it. Adoption, hospital visitations, child support, and family insurance are just a few examples of obligations and protections that are denied to same-sex couples. Cleary, homosexuals won’t get the same options heterosexuals do it they aren’t allowed to get married, thus ensuring that they are not treated equally, making this an equal rights issue.
Another reason gay marriage should be legalized, is that it would save money. Same-sex couples would save taxpayer dollars because they would decrease the state’s responsibility for the health and welfare of many impoverished gays. “Revenue from gay marriage comes from marriage licenses, higher income taxes, and decreases in costs for state benefit programs” (Perry). Legalizing gay marriage would bring in $20 million - $40 million, per year in taxes. Gays and lesbians would not gain anything of same-sex
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...uality for all and a more educated and better future, you can become apart of the group of supporters. Also, voting for propositions and laws to be passed and boycotting gay marriage bans can aid in making it legal in all states.
In conclusion, gay marriage should be legalized. Same-sex marriage is an issue of equal rights. Legalizing it would expand people’s beliefs and ensure equality. Gay
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marriage would save society money, by increasing revenue and creating more jobs. Last but not least, same sex marriage would increase the chances for foster children to be
adopted into loving families, not to mention the fact that having gay parents would cause our future generations of children to be more creative, accepting, and more open-minded. Same-sex marriage would help out society grow in so many ways, and strengthen the foundation for a better future.

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