Lethal Injection Is Used For Capital Punishment Essay

Lethal Injection Is Used For Capital Punishment Essay

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Moreover, it is an established fact that lethal injection is used for capital punishment by the federal government and 36 States, at least 30 of which use the same combination of a three-drug cocktail involving sodium thiopental (a barbiturate to induce anesthesia), a muscle relaxant that paralyzes all the muscles in the body, and a salt that speeds the heart until it stops (Death Penalty Focus). These toxic agents are still used in the U.S despite a lack of scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness; as of 2010, the FDA had deliberately avoided making any official statement about how efficient this cocktail is for lethal injection (Greenemeier). Furthermore, according to an interview of Teresa Zimmers, a molecular biologist at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine, Scientific American reports that, “We found no evidence to support the use of this protocol, the dosage of the drugs or the order in which the drugs were administered in executions” (Scientific American). Based on its widespread use, it is logical to consider this method of execution in the U.S. as a violation of the 8th Amendment. In 2011, three men executed using lethal injection suffered severe pain, since the anesthesia failed to work effectively (Greenemeier). Also, even the mere knowledge that one is living out the last few seconds on Earth, could cause severe psychological torture, and emotional stress, and is therefore a cruel way to die, in my opinion.
It is an indisputable fact that, executions place a huge tax burden on citizens, since it costs far more to execute a person than it is to keep him or her in prison for life (Minsker 1). Minsker states that California alone has spent more than $4 billion on death penalties since 1978, and th...

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...Constitution. They did this by including in the Bill of Rights a prohibition upon “cruel and unusual” punishment (Magna Carter Uncovered). This also serves to limit the powers of legislature in terms of its powers to prescribe punishment. However, even with the 8th Amendment’s provision, modern methods of punishment are still cruel and unusual. In my opinion, life without parole is a great alternative to the death sentence. Families can still seek closure, knowing that the one who took away the life of their loved ones will be locked away for good. Also, based on the serious risks involved such as wrongful execution, racial bias, and the lack of deterrent to society, I believe that the violation of one’s 5th, 8th, and 14th Amendment is not reason enough to continue this practice and that the death penalty is unconstitutional and should be made abolished in the U.S.

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