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The documentary Let’s Talk About Sex, created by James Houston, attempts to facilitate a much needed discussion about sex in the American society. In moving to America Houston explains that he couldn’t help but begin to notice how much sex is a part of our culture, especially teenage culture in which sexuality is inescapable. As a photographer in New York creating sexual images is a substantial part of his job and where he has become aware of America’s differing attitude toward sex compared to other countries. In Australia where Houston grew up and in Europe where he lived for several years there was just as much sexuality depicted in the media, but according to him “there is a different atmosphere, everyone seems to be able to talk more openly about sex”. As a result of noticing this cultural difference, Houston begins to wonder what type of impact these sexual images are having on the youth in America.
In a suburb outside of New York City Houston meets a mother and her two teenage daughters who he believes unlike most America families can talk open and honestly about sex, but in reality he discovers that this is not the case. The family talks openly about sexuality and the sexual experiences of other teenagers, but the two daughters do not talk to their mother about their own sexuality. The mother of these two girls believes that her daughters are not ready for sex, but in reality one of the girls has already had sex and is struggling with the decision of whether she should tell her mother or not. In America our society has created a fear surrounding the discussion of sex and this inadvertently leads to a lack of information as children must discover the facts about sexuality from unreliable resources. When sex education does o...

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...sequences we as a whole must develop a more pluralistic approach to sexuality and mirror the practices of sex positive places such as the Netherlands. What this film contributes to sex, gender and sexology is that sex is not something to be feared, but that it is a normal part of human life that should be celebrated. This documentary draws the conclusion that to witness this change among society we as a nation must facilitate an ongoing discussion around the topic of sexuality. I believe that this film did an excellent job portraying the current status of sexuality in America and in comparing this reality to the sex positive views in Europe offered a successful example to follow. It is my personal opinion that this documentary should be shown in the future as it depicts the true nature of our nation’s negative opinions of sex and ways to combat this growing problem.

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