Let 's Call This Person Jake Essay

Let 's Call This Person Jake Essay

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Let’s call this person Jake, a young man in his late 20’s, still in search for life’s plan. Jake lives in a quiet one bedroom apartment with no view. He has no girlfriend, but repeatedly tells everyone how much woman love and want him. He constantly belies he needs to help and guide people. One minute Jake is happy-go-lucky, and the next he is a belligerent, crazy maniac. Jake has resorted to drugs, alcohol and being alone, playing video games. Jakes problems do not end there, and because of his unorthodox behavior, has set himself back in life, because of a terrible accident five years ago. Jake was with his friends one night, drinking and doing drugs, a routine in Jakes life. Later that night, Jake went to the basement, but to get into the basement you would have to go outside, around the house and down some stairs. Jake proceeded out the back door and around the house. When Jake came to the stairs which lead down to the basement door, Jake unable to stand straight without stumbling, placed one foot in front of the other and missed the step completely. Jake was now at the bottom of the stairs, paralyzed, and unable to yell for help.
Before Jake was paralyzed he faced several problems growing up, dropping out of school, running away from home, joining the army, and blames his parents for much if his hardships in life. With life depressed, frequent mood swings and lack of motivation; is now much harder living life paralyzed. He life of disappointment, turmoil, and hardships, have all become exemplified. Basically Jakes disorder has become more aware for people around him. A biological perspective on Jakes maladaptive behavior would be explained with malfunctioning of his brain anatomy. They would most likely look at...

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...uld give these theorist a perspective on his life and the events which affected him, and focused more on Jake, his “self”.

Sociocultural theory explains how individuals mental functioning is related to cultural, institutional, and historical context. It would explain that Jakes role in society, and participation in social interactions and culturally organized activities, is the reason for his maladaptive behaviors, and it’s the roles of society that influence psychological development.
Jakes mental growth and development refers to his lifelong process that began birth. Many factors influenced Jakes behaviors, mental and cognitive development, including his physical growth. This is a lesson for all parents, and that should schedule regular appointments with the child’s pediatrician so he can assess the child’s physical, cognitive, and psychological development.

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