The Lesson Plan For The School System Essay examples

The Lesson Plan For The School System Essay examples

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Ask any student that is wandering around what words they would use to describe school; the answer will most likely be that it is mind-numbingly boring. Getting an education isn’t inherently uninteresting, but the way that it is taught can lead a student to believe that it isn’t worth their time. It appears to be that the causes of student’s uninterest are lesson plans, the idea that what they’re learning is meaningless, and the lack of freedom involved in the school system.
The lesson plans that teachers think of for their students can be at two varying ends of the spectrum for an individual student. The lesson can either be too hard or too easy for an individual. When a lesson plan is too easy, the student is not engaged enough and their brain isn’t stimulated enough to garner interest. When the lesson plans are too hard, the student gets overwhelmed and anxious. This can then lead them to not care because they feel as if they’re not smart enough for the task. The way students learn can also hold a big influence. Students are forced to passively learn in most classes, which means that the student has to listen to the teacher lecture while they sit in a chair for the entirety of the class. When asking a junior in high school about the subject, she claimed, “I want to be able to move around every once in awhile. It can get repetitive sitting in the same seat, hearing the same subjects for most of the day.” The majority of teachers repetitively teach i.e. a teacher who uses mainly powerpoints every day. Students feel more engaged when they have variety throughout a class.
Many students feel as though what they’re learning is meaningless. What a student learns in the classroom isn’t always applicable to life outside of it. Student...

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.... Although the tests are considered an objective way to measure a student 's ability, the majority of students feel very bored when taking these tests to the point of filling in random bubbles to get to the end of it. Since students feel this type of boredom heavily while taking the standardized tests, they are more likely to feel unengaged in classroom activities for the purpose of making their test score better. Nothing can prepare the student for the amount of boredom they will feel after taking a test for many consecutive hours.
Probable causes of students boredom are the way they’re being taught, feeling as if their education doesn’t have a point, and the inability to have choices in the school system. These causes and effects can help people better understand why students choose to not go to school or reasons for students not performing to their full potential.

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