The Lesson Plan For Teaching English Language Learners Essay

The Lesson Plan For Teaching English Language Learners Essay

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The lesson plan has provided with a strategy to help students understand the subject and gather new knowledge about energy. So, in that lesson plan, students are required to read an article about energy to understand and summaries the meaningful information from that article. All students have provided with the posable materials and appropriate strategy to learn better due to my expectation that all students can learn if they have an opportunity to learn through the appropriate materials and activities.
One of my students’ classroom has a limited criterial in reading. The student needs to an educational support to improve her capability in reading. Accordantly, GIST is the 42th strategy from 50 strategies for teaching English Language learners book. This type of strategy has a significant impact for students who are required to read a long text that contain of new information and knowledge. Furthermore, I decided to follow the strategy steps to help each students in particular who has a limited criterial in reading.
After describing the subject and making sur that all students understand the meaning of energy, I recognize, students into activity. Then, I provide students with appropriate article that related to their subject and involves of the needed information about energy to understand and gather new knowledge about the subject. Even though, students may have a background in general about energy, the article contents of a knowledgeable deep about energy. Students are responsible to read that article and summarize part by part in sticky notes for each part. Typing the summary sentence in sticky notes, help students to save their time from reread that long article. Then Students must be div...

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...aring the group summary to compeer. Then how students contribute to summary through editing the summary sentences and discuss the understandable information. In addition, defend own ideas, that each student has his or her own concept from the article so students supposed to defends about their ideas and Justifies thinking. I observe the extent of the students’ participation verbally through the discussing and compeering. Also, in who students respect and take the group’s leadership role from the time of reading, discussing and listening. The last part in the checklists is assess the students’ attendance. Honestly, I have the ability to assess students through moving around the classroom to observe each group and listen to their discussion. In fact, I used to ask learner short question during activity to make sur that all participate and engage with the groups’ work.

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